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Tag Exchange

Tag Exchange Service 

Introducing the Tag Exchange Service. The next step in herd management; Tag Exchange Service supplies the dairy farmer with all the tags and equipment they need as well as the herd management software.

Farmers can be sure that the readings from the herd are accurate because the tags are 100% warranted through TES, faulty tags can be exchanged for fully functional tags if needed, at any time. Health and heat can be monitored for each animal. Accurate heat and health detection is fundamental for the profitability of the farm. Unlike the other Farm Services offered by milkrite | InterPuls with TES there is less need to regularly exchange the tags. As cows leave or new animals join the herd, the farmer can just return the unwanted tags or request extra tags as needed. We only charge you for the tags you have working on the farm. Note that TES only includes neck tags and not leg tags.

The features and benefits of the TES:
  • Real time alerts
  • 24/7 data monitoring 
  • Factory prepared and tested
  • Easy and straight forward
  • No fee for shipping 
  • Tags are cleaned, sterilised and refurbished with each exchange
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